Customer Experience

Customer experience

Customer experience (CX) is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods and/or services , over the duration of

Creating Magical Customer ExperiencesCreating Magical Customer Experiences
http://www.snowassociates.com Customer Service expert Dennis Snow discusses the difference between a task mentality and an experience mentality in creating “…

IBM Customer Experience Lab
By providing exceptional customer experiences, whether online or in a store, companies will be able to attract more loyal customers and engage them in an information-rich relationship rather than just a series of isolated transactions IBM has already engaged clients to transform their customer experiences including Nat…

measuring-the-customer-experienceMeasuring the Customer Experience
from Abildtrup, 4 years ago in Technology
Web-seminar about measuring the customer experience and increasing customer loyalty, customer retention and customer acquisition in the process. Are you measuring the customer experience today? Would you like to know how you can increase the value of your customer experience programs by utilizing proven and highly effective modern techniques? Does your company have a significant inflow of customer respons – on the phone, through your websites and physical touchpoints? Would you

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Beginner's Guide to Improve Customer Experience [Infographic]
Business 2 Community, on Mon, 06 Jan 2014 08:30:00 -0800
Being able to provide the right information to customers at the right time customer need it, leading to the effective results customer want is what creates the type of customer experiences that create customer loyalty. Having the right information

5 Steps to Improving the Customer Experience with Big Data – Brian …
The opportunity has never been greater for savvy marketers and data analysts to team up and untangle the “data hairball,” gain insights into behavior, anticipate trends and make their customers' experiences more relevant 

Customer Satisfaction: The Customer Experience Through the Customer’s Eyes
Nigel Hill, Greg Roche, Rachel Allen, published 2007, 314 pages

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